ONDC was established in 1982 by seven ENT Specialists to provide a central location where patients could receive high quality diagnostic evaluations. The number of ENT Directors has increased over the years as new ENT Specialists have joined this premium diagnostic service.

In 1994 ONDC expanded to provide hearing aids and associated rehabilitation to patients referred by its Directors.

The service was further extended in 2000 when ONDC became accredited by the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services (OHS) to provide free hearing services and free hearing aids and assistive devices to eligible pensioners and veterans.

The affiliation with ENT Specialists has given ONDC the reputation of being the premier provider of diagnostic and rehabilitative services in South Australia.

In response to growing demand within the wider medical community ONDC has expanded to accept referrals from General Practitioners and non-ENT Specialists.

The professional services of our highly qualified and experienced Audiologists are available to members of the public.

ONDC looks to the future and strives to maintain a standard of excellence and quality care.

ONDC - client focused care

Our Audiologists will recommend the most appropriate hearing rehabilitation consistent with your lifestyle, management abilities and budget. Our Audiologists are not paid commissions or incentives.