Hearing Aid Options

There are many individual factors which will determine the most suitable hearing aid for you. A hearing aid prescribed for your friend or family member may not be the most appropriate for you. If our assessment shows that a hearing aid is the appropriate option for you our Audiologists will consider the following:

  • Severity of hearing loss.
  • Type of hearing loss (involving the middle ear, inner ear or both).
  • Anatomy of your ear.
  • Your management capabilities. Management issues may only become apparent when you trial an aid. Our Audiologists will work with you to resolve any issues through further training, counselling or alternative options.
  • Financial aspects. Our Audiologists consider hearing aid costs and will offer options that suit your financial circumstances. Click here for more information. Pensioner concessions may apply.
  • Cosmetic aspects. Our Audiologists will discuss your cosmetic concerns. Functionality and manageability are a priority but we understand that cosmetic concerns are important to many of our clients.

Our Audiologists are very experienced in the latest hearing aid technology and innovations.

Our Audiologists will not recommend hearing aids if they are not necessary or are not suitable for your type of hearing loss.

If hearing aids are recommended you will be offered a no-obligation four week trial. A trial is also applicable for those eligible pensioners and veterans in the OHS system opting for "top-up" hearing aids. Click here for more information. We do not require an upfront deposit.

Free services for eligible pensioners and veterans

Accredited to provide free hearing services and hearing aids to eligible pensioners and veterans. Our friendly staff can guide you through the process and check your eligibility online.