Why Choose ONDC

We are an independent and privately owned business. 

We employ university qualified Audiologists with experience in hearing health care. Our Audiologists have a client-centred approach. They will give you the best advice and recommendations. They will take the time to counsel you to ensure you have a full understanding of the rehabilitation process.

All diagnostic results for non-Director referred clients will be reviewed by an ENT Specialist.

ONDC is not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. Our Audiologists are not paid commissions or incentives. Our Audiologists have generous appointment times and no sales targets.

Our Audiologists are free to fit whichever hearing aids are most appropriate for the client. ONDC understands the process of fitting hearing aids requires time, care and attention to detail. We endeavour to make you feel well informed and comfortable when in our care.

ONDC offers a free trial period for most hearing aids. This service (no deposits required) enables you to have the opportunity to try aids before making any decisions. Our Audiologists, in consultation with you, will determine whether or not a fitting and trial of aids is warranted. ONDC is pleased to provide you with an evaluation. There is no obligation to proceed with a trial or purchase of hearing aids.

Pensioners & veterans may be eligible for free hearing aid services and hearing aids. They also have the option to purchase more advanced hearing aid technology and simply pay a gap payment (“Top-Up”) in addition to their government subsidy. For more information click here (link).

We have competitive hearing aid pricing.

ONDC is centrally located in the south-eastern CBD. Our site has wheel-chair access. There is a Disability Permit park on Gilles Street near the premises. There is client parking along Gilles Street with free 2 hour and 3 hour parks available. Parking is also available on Charlotte Place and on South Terrace, a short walk away.

Free services for eligible pensioners and veterans

Accredited to provide free hearing services and hearing aids to eligible pensioners and veterans. Our friendly staff can guide you through the process and check your eligibility online.