Do I have a hearing loss?

You may be unaware of the deterioration in your hearing. It is often those closest to you, family, friends and work colleagues who may highlight the problem.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I turn the TV to a higher volume than my partner or family members prefer?
  2. Do my partner, family or friends complain that I am not listening or do they complain about having to repeat themselves?
  3. Do I find I misinterpret people and sometimes respond inappropriately?
  4. Do I struggle to understand during group conversations?
  5. Do I struggle to understand people in the presence of background noise?
  6. Do I think everyone else is mumbling?
  7. Am I withdrawing from social interactions which I used to enjoy?
  8. Am I being less effective or productive at work because I am not hearing or I am misinterpreting instructions?
  9. Do I sometimes miss the telephone when it rings or fail to hear someone knocking at the door?
  10. Do I feel more tired and frustrated during social interactions or when speaking with people?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you MAY have some hearing loss.

Many people as they get older develop some form of hearing loss.

If you have doubts or questions about your hearing it is advisable to have your ears checked by your GP and have your hearing levels assessed.

At ONDC you will be given a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing. Our Audiologists will guide you through your hearing options.

Our Audiologists are client-focussed.  They will recommend the most appropriate options for you. You will not be pressured into purchasing hearing aids.

If we recommend hearing aids but you are not ready we would be pleased to see you in the future when you feel the time is right.

At ONDC you will have the opportunity to have a no-obligation trial of hearing aids for 4 weeks. For eligible pensioners and veterans in the OHS system, a trial is available with the fitting of "top-up" hearing aids. Click here for more information.

Please note: If you experience a sudden significant loss of hearing in one or both ears you may require prompt medical treatment.

Free services for eligible pensioners and veterans

Accredited to provide free hearing services and hearing aids to eligible pensioners and veterans. Our friendly staff can guide you through the process and check your eligibility online.