Referral Process

ONDC welcomes referrals from General Practitioners, Ear Nose & Throat Specialists and other medical practitioners.

Test results are reviewed by an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist and you will receive a written report.

ONDC offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests for hearing and balance disorders.

ONDC provides hearing rehabilitative services for private clients as well as eligible pensioners and veterans through the Australian Government’s Office of Hearing Services (OHS) program.

Why choose ONDC?

Your patient will be eligible for a medicare rebate when referred for diagnostic services.

Pensioners or veterans being recommended for hearing aid services require a completed OHS Medical Certificate

Patients may take this completed OHS Medical Certificate to the provider of their choice. Click here for more information. If they wish to access services from ONDC we are able to access the OHS online portal to assess their eligibility for the program or their eligibility for ongoing services.

If you would like a printed referral pad for your office please contact ONDC on 8232 4488 or by email with your contact details.