Hearing Rehabilitative Services Available

Hearing Services

ONDC provides the highest quality hearing rehabilitative services and associated products including earplugs for various purposes.

Eligible pensioners or veterans who wish to obtain services from ONDC require a completed OHS Medical Certificate. You need to confirm that there are no contraindications to fitting of hearing aids. The patient should bring this "OHS Medical Certificate" to their appointment at ONDC. We will confirm the patient's OHS eligibility and status online via the OHS portal.

Hearing Aid Evaluation – includes a comprehensive hearing test, speech discrimination testing (& Impedence if required). Discussion of patient’s lifestyle needs, communication difficulties and hearing goals. If hearing aids are the most appropriate option various styles and technology are discussed. Eligible pensioners & veterans have the option of free hearing aids or more advanced “top-up” technology. Hearing aid trials available in most cases.

Tinnitus Assessment – includes a comprehensive hearing test, speech discrimination testing, subjective tinnitus matching and tinnitus counselling. Tinnitus management options including hearing aids or tinnitus masking devices if required.

BAHA Assessment – includes a comprehensive hearing test and speech discrimination testing. Discussion around various bone-anchored aid or bone-conducted options if candidacy is determined. Trial options available.

Musicians Earplugs—custom filtered earplugs designed for musicians or those exposed to loud music. Also utilised for patients with hyperacusis or ear sensitivity (via low-grade attenuation).

Noise Earplugs – custom earplugs specifically for noise protection in relation to industrial/work related or recreational noise.

Swimmers Earplugs – custom swim plugs for adults and children. Often utilised when patients have grommets, eardrum perforations or chronic ear conditions requiring dry canals. Non-custom options also available for direct purchase.

Sleep Earplugs – custom sleep plugs for patients who have difficulty sleeping due to environmental noise or partner snoring.

Free Field Assessments—conditional driver’s licence assessments.

Centre of Excellence

We strive to maintain a standard of excellence and quality care, providing the benchmark service that is synonymous with our name. ONDC is independently owned by 35 Ear Nose & Throat Specialists.